Birds of Colombia

    PASSERIFORMES: Tyrannidae (Tyrant Flycatchers, Calyptura)  
Genus: Lophotriccus (3 species, 4 worldwide)

Helmeted Pygmy Tyrant
Helmeted Pygmy Tyrant (Lophotriccus galeatus)
Viruá National Park, Roraima, Brazil  
Photograph by Anselmo d'Affonseca   © All Rights Reserved.

Compare to Double-banded Pygmy Tyrant.

Scale-crested Pygmy Tyrant
Scale-crested Pygmy Tyrant (Lophotriccus pileatus squamaecrista)
Farallones National Park, Cali, Colombia  
Photograph by Tom Friedel   © All Rights Reserved.

Double-banded Pygmy Tyrant
Double-banded Pygmy Tyrant (Lophotriccus vitiosus affinis)
Photograph by Cedric MROCZKO   © All Rights Reserved.

Crested with black pale-edged feathers. Similar to Scale-crested Pygmy Tyrant. Not clear (to me) where 'double-banded' comes from.

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