Birds of Peru

    PASSERIFORMES: Thamnophilidae (Antbirds)  
Genus: Gymnopithys (2 species, 3 worldwide)

Bicolored Antbird
Bicolored Antbird (Gymnopithys bicolor bicolor)
Soberania National Park, Panama
  Often the most numerous antbird at ant swarms. Male and female similar.

Amazon range now called [White-cheeked Antbird]. Male and female similar. Follows {ant swarms}. Birds south to northwest Colombia have brown crown bordered with grey, while birds south to Ecuador have red crown and less or no grey.

White-cheeked Antbird
White-cheeked Antbird (Gymnopithys leucaspis leucaspis)
Leticia, Amazonas, Colombia  

Amazonian version of [Bicolored Antbird].

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