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    PASSERIFORMES: Turdidae (Thrushes)  
Genus: Turdus (2 species, 87 worldwide)

Genus Turdus, typical thrushes, includes medium to large species found worldwide including the American Robin and European (Common) Blackbird. Turdus thrushes have a consistent shape, and generally stay close to the ground looking for worms and other insects.

American Robin
American Robin (Turdus migratorius)
Humber Bay Park (East), Toronto, Canada  
Photograph by Mdf (Wikipedia)     Copyright and usage info

A North American icon, seen in gardens looking for earthworms.

Red-legged Thrush
Red-legged Thrush (Turdus plumbeus plumbeus)
Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas  
Photograph by Tom Friedel   © All Rights Reserved.

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