Birds of Colombia

    PASSERIFORMES: Conopophagidae (Gnateaters)  
Genus: Pittasoma (2 species, 2 worldwide)

Pittasoma is a genus of two ground-dwelling forest species that are called Antpittas but are actually in the 'Gnateater' family.

Black-crowned Antpitta
Black-crowned Antpitta (Pittasoma michleri zeledoni)
PN Braulio Carrillo, Costa Rica  
Photograph by Jorge Obando Gutierrez   © Copyrighted, All Rights Reserved.

Rufous-crowned Antpitta
Rufous-crowned Antpitta (Pittasoma rufopileatum) Near Threatened
Chocó, Colombia  
Photograph by Anderson Muñoz   © All Rights Reserved.

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