Birds of Colombia

    CUCULIFORMES: Cuculidae (Cuckoos)  
Genus: Coccyzus (5 species, 13 worldwide)

Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Yellow-billed Cuckoo (Coccyzus americanus)
Loxahatchee, Florida, USA  


Black-billed Cuckoo
Black-billed Cuckoo (Coccyzus erythropthalmus)
Stony Brook, New York, USA  
Photograph by Wolfgang Wander     Copyright and usage info

Pearly-breasted Cuckoo
Pearly-breasted Cuckoo (Coccyzus euleri)
REGUA, Cachoeiras de Macacu, RJ, Brazil  

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Grey-capped Cuckoo (Coccyzus lansbergi)

Dark-billed Cuckoo
Dark-billed Cuckoo (Coccyzus melacoryphus)
Puerto Narino, Amazonas, Colombia  

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