Birds of Colombia

    ACCIPITRIFORMES: Accipitridae (Kites, Hawks and Eagles)  
Genus: Accipiter (5 species, 51 worldwide)

Bicolored Hawk
Bicolored Hawk (Accipiter bicolor)
Costa Rica  
Photograph by Chris Jimenez Nature Photo   © All Rights Reserved by Chris Jimenez Nature Photo.

Semicollared Hawk
Semicollared Hawk (Accipiter collaris) Near Threatened
Photograph by Prints     Copyright and usage info

Grey-bellied Hawk
Grey-bellied Hawk (Accipiter poliogaster) Near Threatened
  Image credit: J G Keulemans - Ibis 1887
Photograph by Prints     Copyright and usage info

Tiny Hawk
Tiny Hawk (Accipiter superciliosus superciliosus)
Putumayo, Colombia  
Photograph by Brayan Coral Jaramillo   © All Rights Reserved.

Plain-breasted Hawk
Plain-breasted Hawk (Accipiter ventralis)
San Sebastian Reserve, Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia
  Pale morph. This hawk may also have a rufous breast but is not streaked.

A non-migratory version of the Sharp-shinned Hawk, and often considered the same species.

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